cold, fruity, and fresh mango salad! Not everything has to be traditional!

Fruity Mango Salad

Fruity and sweet Mango salad, garnished with fresh strawberries and hand-picked organic ingredients to brighten your morning

Signature Fettuccine

Made with love and authentic Italian flavours, served piping hot! Narbeach invites you to enjoy fresh garden-variety ingredients in all of our delicacies. Traditional and Outstanding!

Steaming hot creamy chicken alfredo pasta, a fuse between modern and traditional Italian!
قلب حب ناربيتش Narbeach heart

Best Sellers

Our mouthwatering menu, designed with the customer in mind.

Narbeach Special

A wide assortment of freshly juices and smoothies are at your disposal

Fruity Mojito Flavors

Beat the heat at Narbeach! Head over for delicious cold mocktail drinks in fruity flavours

Narbeach Fresh Coconut Smoothie

Creamy coconut smoothie for ultimate beach vibes!

Hot Moroccan Tea

Ease your mind with Narbeach’s wide variety of local and exotic tea options, paired perfectly with our fruity Shisha!

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Attention vegetarians and vegans! Have you tried our ever-fresh Quinoa Tabbouleh salad?

Crab Salad

Take a trip under the sea with the freshest crab salad near you!

Um Ali

Traditional and super sweet Arabic dessert! A favourite amongst our regulars.

Fruity Traditional Fresh Shisha

Live the moment with our rich, aromatic, and long-lasting shisha.

Signature Traditional Shisha

Our best-selling flavour-packed shisha! Made to order everytime.

Deep Flavour, Rich Aroma

Embrace the timeless tradition of shisha, where every puff is a moment of pure bliss and a gateway to serenity.

Double The Punch

Enjoy a variety of unique flavors to refresh your palette

Fresh To The Core

Indulge in the vibrant freshness that will illuminate your evenings any day of the week!

fruity shisha prepared fresh to order and traditional

Fruity Traditional Fresh Shisha

Every Shisha is made on-order & special for you!

Fun Fruity Freshness

We use a wide variety of hand-picked, juicy, fresh fruit!

Long Lasting Aromatic Smoke

Catch the game with friends and don’t forget your shisha!